Robotic Process Automation


With all the attention that RPA has been getting recently, you could be living under a rock and still haven’t heard of it. RPA is synonymous to the powerful paradigm shift that is happening globally right before our eyes. Be assured that your competition is hoping that you don’t automate because with RPA you will get a distinct competitive advantage.


What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation is the digital transformation that replaces and automates repetitive human processes with machines to improve efficiency and accuracy of operations. It is a software solution which mimics human interaction with a software system. This is generally referred to as ‘BOTS’. With the world going digital, it is necessary for every organisation to invest in smart solutions in improve their productivity and make better utilisation of human capital.




  • RPA Consulting:

For those who are still nascent in their digital process adoption, BotShark offers consulting to help organisations identify their pain points, take note of their processes, recognise where automation and digitalisation can occur, understand the benefits of RPA, come to terms with how RPA will improve performances and output etc. BotShark gives you a thorough understanding of the advantages and effects of RPA with its comprehensive consulting solutions.


  • RPA Professional Solutions:

BotShark helps organisations get started in their journey towards orchestrating work between humans, systems and robots.  With our RPA service you can do repetitive tasks far more quickly, accurately, and tirelessly than humans. Our Professional expertise in RPA will help you automate faster and smarter. RPA requires no scripting and coding and will lead to an error-free processing by replacing manual errors completely. With our intuitive and versatile RPA solutions you are always on the winning side. You can design powerful and complex automations and even store and share it with current and future team members across different projects.


To achieve extraordinary results and success in automation there are some features an RPA robot must have. Our very own BotShark Robot is the industry leader with exceptionally swift and precise automation. With its accuracy and reliability, it gives you a competitive edge on your business rivals.


BotShark’s RPA solutions brings to you autonomous automation where robots manage robots. We will manage your entire workforce with this game changer of a tool. You can audit and monitor their activities, schedule all types of processes and manage all critical enterprise duties. BotShark enables your organisation to go beyond simple automation to change the way you work. With robots logging every activity and outcome, this radically reduces the organization’s automation operating costs but at the same time also enables you to automate faster at shorter timeframe!



  • Cost reduction in the long run
  • Streamlining of processes for better operational efficiency
  • Increased productivity through better utilisation of human workforce
  • 24/7 100% efficiency
  • Accuracy and error free processing
  • Flexible and adaptable technology
  • Enhanced Data Security
  • Transparency in operations and processes



  • IT Industry:
    • Installations
    • File management
    • Computerising mailing system
    • Application management


  • HR:
    • Tracking performance of employees
    • Attendance records
    • Payroll records
    • Incentives management


  • Accounting:
    • Auditing
    • Transactional processes
    • Operational processes- transfers, bank transactions etc.
    • Analytics and reporting


  • Inventory Management:
    • Order and supply records
    • Records of stock
    • Invoice and Returns
    • Warehousing reports


  • Healthcare Industry:
    • Patient records
    • Patient Registration
    • Scheduling appointments
    • Insurance documents verification and processing
    • Billing and claims recording and processing