Artificial Intelligence


The curiosity of the human mind led him to wonder, “Can a machine think and behave like humans do?” and this initiated the development of artificial intelligence with the intention of creating similar intelligence in machines that we find and regard high in humans. Thus, came Artificial Intelligence into the purview!


What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence is when machines duplicate not just human actions but also think and process matters like humans. This is a technology that adapts and evolves with time by learning from the environment and growing its own intellect along the way. AI has been in the world for a long time, however, more and more growth and sophistication has been added to the technology over the years. The effectiveness and usability of AI in increasing phenomenally with the help of Machine Learning, Neuro linguistic Programming and Deep Learning. This has taken the potential of Artificial Intelligence to a whole new level where the machine behaves like a human brain.



  • AI Consulting:

Are you aware of the uses and potential of AI for your business? If not, BotShark will help acquaint you and get you to speed with the massive explosive power of AI for your business. We help you in understanding what AI is exactly and how it can be used for your organisation. We will study your organisation’s processes and systems to give you a plan suitable to your organisation’s needs as to how and where Artificial Intelligence can be put to use to increase your organisation’s efficiency and productivity.


  • AI Professional Services and Solutions:

We at BotShark help you with end to end AI strategy and implementation and get your company started quickly with AI initiatives. We will provide you with all that you need to know on AI. Our team of experts have profound knowledge in integrating and implementing AI services as per customer’s business requirement.

Our team is also experienced in –

Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP)

Machine learning

Deep learning



  • Increasing efficiency of the organisation
  • Handling complex tasks with ease and accuracy
  • Analytics and informed decision making
  • Interpretation of Data for convenience and futuristic planning



  • Agriculture:
    • Improvements in yield
    • Enhanced research and development for crops
    • Predicting the time for crops to reach ripening stage, thus increasing farming efficiency
    • Crop and soil monitoring
    • Agricultural Robots
    • Predictive analysis of soil and crops
    • Greenhouse automation


  •  Education:
    • Personalised AI tutoring for each individual based on their calibre
    • Adaptive classrooms
    • Assessing and adapting to a student’s emotions and learning preferences
    • Records and assessments of performance data for detailed progress reports
    • Analytical tools to predict the student’s growth and device the plan accordingly
    • Determining biases and gaps in curriculum and helping rectify such mistakes from time to time
    • Keeping the syllabus updated and advanced anytime anywhere with cloud integration


  • Finance:
    • Algorithmic trading
    • Market analysis and data mining to facilitate investment decisions
    • Assisting in personal finance maintenance and records
    • Optimising personal habits and goals for better financial stability of an individual
    • Robo-advisors that can develop a financial portfolio according to the investment goals and risk tolerance of the clients


  • Healthcare:
    • Computer aided and AI powered interpretation and analysis of patient reports
    • Tracking and analysis of patient records
    • Predictive health analysis of patients based on their lifestyle
    • Assistance in repetitive jobs like patient registration, billing, reminders medication management etc.
    • Companion robots to give company to the elderly
    • Creation of treatment plans based on patient records and predicting likely outcomes of each treatment plans with the probability of success in each scenario


  • Human Resource:
    • Screening resumes to rank candidates based on their qualifications
    • Predicting success of each candidate for a particular task based on their records
    • Automation of communication tasks required in the recruitment process
    • Automated emails and other communicative tools to keep track of potential candidates and existing employees


  • E-commerce:
    • Creating custom products page as per individual preferences and buying habits
    • Visual recognition of objects in the image to create list of related products
    • Recommendations based on buying patterns and search patterns
    • Chatbots to encourage and communicate with customers