Imagine a world in which the front door automatically unlocks when approached by a member of the household, but stays locked when a stranger arrives on the front step, where your office lights and your computer automatically turn on the moment your car enters into the parking. This is the type of world can be created by IOT.


What is IOT?

Internet of Things is a technology where all devices are controlled through a cloud system and can be automated and timed for functioning in a certain way. With IoT, you can change the way your business functions. It helps to transform the way the business comes across and enables innovation into every model. It can used in various ways for the benefit of the company to enhance efficiency and extract maximum productivity from devices.



  • IOT consulting:

From connecting devices to energy saving to optimum utilisation of every resource, it’s all possible with IOT. At BotShark, we provide a holistic and powerful IOT strategy for your business. We help clients by identifying the key technologies needed to reach their desired IOT maturity level. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all approach. We will investigate your business model, goals and devices and help you to come up with the best plans for IOT integration. Our consulting will make you aware of the benefits and applications and IOT in your business. We will provide bespoke consultation based on your business model.


  • IOT Professional Services and Solutions:

At BotShark, we create IOT supported systems for every business model. We help organisations by creating prototypes and designs, supported by hardware and systems to improve their user experience. Our expertise lies in complete IOT integration for maximum output and utilisation. We will regularly check on the devices you are using, while tracking and reporting the results of their strategic usage.



  • Machine to machine communication and elimination of manual instructions
  • Monitoring supplies and resources
  • Time saving
  • Cost effective in the long run
  • Energy and power conservation
  • Ensures better quality of life through providing convenience and ease
  • Increase profitability through monitoring and making wise decisions based on requirements
  • Predictive maintenance



  • Smart home automation like connected lights, smart locking mechanism, smart fridge, smart AC etc.
  • Wearables like fitness tracker, smart glasses, smart watch
  • Smart city or any building or space with automated parking allotment, parking assistance, energy saving through electricity optimisation through devices monitoring, smart waste disposal
  • Connected Cars with remote access to sound system, phone assist