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Applications of RPA

Any growing business that wishes to gain a competitive edge and increase its efficiency in this global technologically advanced world will be looking at implementing Robotic Process Automation in their business to increase and boost their productivity. There are various applications of this revolutionary technology in everyday business operations. Robotic Process Automation simplifies and fast tracks everyday processes by replacing humans with robots or bots to carry out repetitive actions which can be don’t using software and does not require human intelligence and presence.

Let’s have a look at some of the most common applications of Robotic Process Automation in day to day businesses:


  1. Operations involved in sales:

Selling is a process that every business carries out in some form or the other. Sales is a basic transaction for every business model. In the sales process, there are various activities involved, such as invoice generation, payment status, delivery and updating of Customer Relationship management (CRM). Humans performing these tasks is quite mundane and monotonous. Thus, with the help of Robotic Process Automation, these processes can be done using software bots which are higher in accuracy and efficiency and not prone to getting tired or committing errors. Robotic Process Automation is, therefore, used to automate the entire sales chain of operations to make transactions faster, smoother and provide a seamless experience to the customer.

  1. Data Entry:


This is one of the most dreaded tasks for any human employee. It requires hours of sitting in front of the system and copying data and entering into the CRM or ERP or any other portal used by the business for recording purposes. Robotic Process Automation can help in reducing the burden of this task to a great extent. With Robotic Process Automation, patterns in data can be recognised, text can be read and made editable and data entry and logging can become much simpler and quicker with fewer errors. Most departments in any business use data entry and data migration software, be it human resource, marketing, customer service, accounting, etc. Major clerical tasks performed in these departments can be automated using Robotic Process Automation tools and thus the whole business’s efficiency and productivity can really benefit from it.

  1. Procure to Pay:

This process involves extracting data from various platforms in the business model and integrating the data to prepare compiled report of payments and procurements from multiple vendors or sources. This requires extensive manual labour and is a time taking task. Robotic Process Automation can be applied in this area using software that communicates and integrates with all platforms to create a compiled report for the same. A Robotic Process Automation software can interact across platforms such as CRM, banks, vendors, logistics companies and the Employee resource planning and create a consolidated platform of all the data from each of these platforms. This makes decision making faster and more accurate with all data compiled at one place.


  1. Marketing processes- emails, lead generation, updating CRM:


Marketing is a crucial aspect of any business and with so many mediums available to us in this era, every business strives to utilise every option available to extract the best from their marketing and lead to higher sales and more customers. Marketing processes can include multiple actions: making calls, sending emails, sending notifications, sending SMSs, keeping updates of customer preferences, keeping record of customer’s transaction history to suggest and recommend products, lead generation from various social media and other online portals etc. Each of these processes can be made simpler, faster and automated with the help of Robotic Process Automation software integration into the marketing processes. Robotic Process Automation can analyze, read and integrate information across websites, offline portals and the business’s record history and thus prepare a common platform with all such information to suggest the best course of action. With the help of Robotic Process Automation, even email generation and sending follow up emails can be automated.

The list can go on and on about the uses and applications of Robotic Process Automation. These are just some of the commonly used applications in areas which are common to all business enterprises.

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