Applications of RPA

Any growing business that wishes to gain a competitive edge and increase its efficiency in this global technologically advanced world will be looking at implementing Robotic Process Automation in their business to increase and boost their productivity. There are various applications of this revolutionary technology in everyday business operations. Robotic Process Automation simplifies and fast […]

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What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

We live in a fast changing and evolving world of technology where new inventions and discoveries in science and technology are making lives easier, more convenient and quicker. Robotic Process Automation refers to the use of automation and artificial intelligence to replace human tasks for higher accuracy, efficiency and time saving objectives. Robotic Process Automation […]

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What is Artificial Intelligence or AI?

Artificial intelligence is the aptitude, calibre, abilities, and intelligence shown by a machine which is quite like that of a human. Artificial intelligence, also known as machine intelligence, is brought about by programming machines to think and act like humans. This is a feature of technology that allows machines to carry out tasks and operations […]

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