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What is Artificial Intelligence or AI?

Artificial intelligence is the aptitude, calibre, abilities, and intelligence shown by a machine which is quite like that of a human. Artificial intelligence, also known as machine intelligence, is brought about by programming machines to think and act like humans. This is a feature of technology that allows machines to carry out tasks and operations and also take decisions as a human mind would do. Today, Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world of commerce and business operations globally and changing the way we do things. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, there is a significant increase in efficiency and accuracy in working style and output which contributes to making an organization better and more profitable.

Artificial Intelligence refers to the act of machines mimicking human actions and behaviour. Such actions could include cognitive functions like learning and thinking with effect to problem-solving. Some examples of where Artificial Intelligence is used are understanding speech or a human voice, competing in computerized games where the mind is involved to build strategies to win, like in chess; self-driven cars or automobiles, routing delivery options for best routes in fastest timing, military simulations, etc. There is a huge scope for Artificial Intelligence in every domain and man has only touched the surface right now. There is a long way to go and unravel the hidden possibilities of Artificial Intelligence.




There are 2 different types of Artificial Intelligence: Narrow AI and General AI or Wide AI.

Narrow AI is when a machine is made into an intelligent system that is taught or has itself learned how to do some specific actions. The machine is not programmed per say to do these actions. It acquires the intelligence to carry out certain tasks on its own. This is Narrow AI. Some examples of this include Apple’s Siri’s speech and language recognition, vision recognition in self-driven cars, recommendation system or tools in search engines which show products that have been searched for earlier by the user or showing products based on previous buying patterns. Therefore, such systems adapt and learn to carry out these small tasks with some amount of accuracy and produce marvellous results.

There are innumerable applications of narrow AI, including:

  • Reading and deciphering video feeds
  • Organizing and scheduling personal and business calendars for reminders and to-do tasks
  • Replying to customer queries and sending out automated emails
  • Inter-applications data deciphering to help make decisions like booking a hotel or booking a movie ticket at a suitable time and location
  • Healthcare: understanding the potential risks of negative reports and calculating the probability of success or failure in any life-threatening disease.
  • Detecting inappropriate content and reporting abuse or raising flags to get attention
  • Reading data of IoT devices to suggest change, repair, and maintenance from time to time

Coming to General AI, this is a much more advanced version of Artificial Intelligence which learns and adapts to human intellect. General AI is much more flexible and can carry out more complex tasks. It is like a human-robot which can cook, clean, communicate, think, speak, and do all sorts of tasks which can be learned through practice and experience. Such Artificial intelligence has yet not been perfected and can be seen more in movies and fantasy shows.

There are also various doubts and fears when it comes to general AI as people believe that such a system will take over human power and overshadow human potential. It is considered a threat which could have the capability to destroy lives. However, nothing can be said with certainty. New innovations and breakthroughs in the field have triggered debates time and again. However, largely, there are positive reviews about the technology and it is widely being accepted as a smart choice to improve the working style and raise the level of output.

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