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What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

We live in a fast changing and evolving world of technology where new inventions and discoveries in science and technology are making lives easier, more convenient and quicker. Robotic Process Automation refers to the use of automation and artificial intelligence to replace human tasks for higher accuracy, efficiency and time saving objectives. Robotic Process Automation is applied on every day and repetitive business operations to replace human labour with machines. It uses robots or artificial intelligence software to take over the business operations where human intervention is not required. Robotic Process Automation is the use of robots to mimic human actions to carry out a task and give results.


When we talk of Robotic Process Automation, it does not mean that actual robots are used to replace humans. Robotic Process Automation is done through software that help in automating particular set of actions and instructions to carry out a task and produce results. Some operations or repetitive tasks where Robotic Process Automation is used to replace humans are:

  1. Calculations
  2. Invoice generation
  3. Human resource management- attendance, performance records, appraisals etc.
  4. Maintaining record of transactions
  5. Sending and replying to emails which are pre-set by an organisation
  6. Capture and manipulate data to carry out actions that required human intervention

Another interesting aspect about RPA is that it is intelligent and adapts to changes in the environment, or in this case, company’s requirements. You do not need to change the entire software to change a process, the RPA software would adapt and learn to change with the new system. This is a smart way of implementing change without investing in new software or training personnel again for the updates.

RPAs can interact with the user interface, internal applications, other systems/devices, websites, user portals etc. to collect, record and analyse data. The main motive of carrying out Robotic Process Automation is to replace human action with robotic or machine intervention for repetitive and boring everyday tasks which can be performed more efficiently and with higher accuracy by machines than a human. This leaves human taskforce with more time and a higher potential to put to use in better places where human knowledge and intelligence is required.

For Example:

A new customer has registered with an organisation. The customer’s details are being manually entered by an employee of the company onto the system. Thereafter, he needs to send an email to the customer about welcoming him to the company. The welcome email is followed by another email which talks about the summary of transactions the customer has made with the organisation. It contains his bill and purchase summary.

Now, in this scenario, a human is only sending out pre-set emails to the customer. This task is then repeatedly done with each customer of the organisation. A human’s potential, time and intelligence are going to waste by just sending out emails.


Using RPA, such a system is replaced with bots/robots to carry out this task of sending and replying to emails. The email would be sent automatically when a new customer is registered on the portal. Their bill and transaction summary would be mapped to the customer and another email would be automatically generated and sent to the customer. The RPA software would maintain a log of customers, their transaction history, their preferences, their purchases, their payments and everything else related to the customer would be maintained systematically in the RPA software and from time to time, emails would be auto-generated and sent to each customer as per their actions on the portal.

Such is the unique and marvellous use of Robotic Process Automation. It makes mundane tasks simple and accurate with the use of machines and robotic softwares which adapt and learn and smoothen business operations for higher output and more human satisfaction on the job.

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